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13 May 2016

There are a number of grounds in which a Will can be contested, such as when it is suspected that the Will has been forged. If it can be proved in court that a Will in its entirety has been forged, this will result in it being declared invalid, state Curry Popeck Solicitors.

In this case, Valerie Watts, died in a hospice in 2011, aged 71. She was survived by her two adopted non-sibling adult children, Christine Watts and Gary Watts.

Valerie had made a Will in 1999 dividing her entire estate equally between her adopted children.  Gary subsequently claimed Valerie signed a Will dated 12 January 2011 written out by hand by Valerie’s sister, using a shop-bought will form. The Will, which left everything to Gary and disinherited Christine,...

13 May 2016

In almost every court case where the court is required to make a decision about a child, it is the welfare of the child that the court must consider as the most important factor in reaching the right decision, state CurryPopeck Solicitors. So, when a court has to decide which parent a child should spend time with (access or contact) or with whom a child should live (custody or residence), the court will make those decisions by considering the welfare of the child.

When parents decide to divorce, it can sometimes be difficult for them to reach an amicable agreement about childcare. It’s an emotionally draining experience that can have a great impact on the immediate and wider family, including grandparents.

As experienced family...

01 Mar 2016
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